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ICE Blood

Just to prove I still have some ICE blood running in my veins . . .
While my favourite car is still the Tesla Model 3 (wish I’d sprung for the Performance version), I still own a number of ICE machines. See some images below. When I was sixteen, I bought an Austin-Healey 3000 MkII. A friend and I drove it across Canada and had many excellent adventures. I was asked how I ended up with such a classic.

There was a local guy, Johnny Pritchard, in western Quebec where I spent every summer of my youth who was a Healey fanatic. In the 60s, he bought, sold and wrecked them. I bought one from him for $1k. Sold it a couple of years later for $800 so I could afford university. 
He went on to found the Sports Car Factory whose mission was to restore and rebuild little British cars. That’s where my friend, Jim Irwin, took his Healey to be restored. See the link below to a great story about John Pritchard and his Sports Car Factory.  I well remember a number of his cars from the 60s that Johnny references in the article.


1962 Austin-Healey 3000 MkII
Friend’s Healey restored at the Sports Car Factory and similar to one I owned at 16.
Porsche 928 S4
1982 TR-8
One of the last of the breed. Only 73 sold, all into Canada.
2011 BMW 335i M-Sport
2011 BMW 335i M-Sport When BMWs were beautiful.
Making a Fummins. Installing a Cummins in an F350


Clearing up misconceptions